Frames and Services snc products are guaranteed for a period of TWO (2) years from the date of original purchase, in accordance with the following mandatory conditions.
The guarantee is strictly personal and limited exclusively to the original purchaser.
Frames and Services snc products are guaranteed free of material or manufacturing defects.
Components found to be defective in a rigorously technical assessment will be replaced only if fitted specifically by Frames and Services snc, and after authorization of Frames and Services snc, and after authorization from the manufacturer.
The guarantee is invalid if the products have been fitted, repaired, or tampered with by third parties without the authorization of Frames and Services snc, this includes the repainting of the frame.
The guarantee excludes damage arising from transport and delivery, normal wear and tear, or damage from acts of vandalism. Frames and Services snc declines all responsibility for accidents of any kind that occur following tampering with or incorrect use of their products. In order to validate this guarantee, the original purchaser must complete the following form within 10 days of the date of purchase. Products consigned for servicing or repair “under guarantee” or for any other reason, must be sent through the original retailer and accompanied with a legal receipt.
The retailer must request a return authorization number before dispatching the item. Returned goods travel at the cost and risk of the sender.
For further information refer to the authorized Frames and Services snc retailer where the product was purchased.
For anything not specifically defined in the present guarantee, reference will be made to EEC Directive 1999/44/EC and to Italian Legal Decree no. 24 of 2/2/2002.

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